Saturday, September 29, 2007

Airline Collectible Shows

I guess one cannot count themselves as a complete 'airline geek' until they've attended a collectors show. I figured this out for myself when I found an ad in an Airliner's magazine once detailing an upcoming 'Airliner's International Show.' I pondered the idea for a moment and was soon on the phone with my local collector friend, DB. We talked it over a bit and were soon buying tickets online to attend. That was the Columbus Show, 4 years ago. Ever since, we've attended some of the International Shows as well as a more regional show in Chicago. A great place to meet 'birds of a feather,' including other 'Herman' fans! Amongst my 'cronies' are Bill, DB, Arron, Keith and Tim. I've added a few pictures of some of the shows.

What can one expect from an Airliner's Show? Well, you name it airline/airplane wise, it's there! Be it posters, photos, real pilot/flight attendant wings, kiddie wings, travel bags, buttons, stickers, die cast models, Mahogany models, timetables, some uniform items, glassware and anything imaginable with an airline name or logo on it. I certainly was surprised on my first visit! If one digs a little, you'd be surprised at how many North Central and Republic items can be found. :)

The next regional show, for the Midwest anyway, is in Chicago and I've attached the flyer for those interested. I've also given a link to the upcoming Airliner's International Show in Dallas next summer. Maybe see you there??? :)

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