Friday, September 21, 2007

'Clear & Sixty'

Not too long ago, while volunteering some time at the NWA History Centre, I happened upon a little publication called 'Clear & Sixty' and sat down to look through it. What drew me immediately to it was the fact that ALL the airlines that make up modern day Northwest were on the cover. (Photo above) As the inside cover states; 'Clear & Sixty is a publication by and for Republic Airlines' retired pilots, other employees, associates and families.' From that point forward, I read the little booklet from cover to cover only to notice I had 5 minutes left on my 4 hour shift at the Centre! A wonderful source to 'catch up' with former employees, happenings, whereabouts and events, including monthly 'get togethers' in MSP, DTW, MEM and PHX.

I emailed one of the Co-Editors, Barbara Ike, and inquired about becoming a subscriber, even though I'd no employment connection with RCA or NWA, rather calling myself a 'fan.' She soon responded back with a resounding 'YES' and I've been a subscriber, and contributor, since. After Bernard 'Bud' Sweet died last year, I assisted with writing some of his obituary. (Photo above)

If you're a former employee, family member or, in my case, a general NCA fan, please contact Barbara for information and subscription details. As in my case, I KNOW you'll be happy!

Barbara Ike, Co-Editor of Clear & Sixty

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