Friday, October 26, 2007


N580N; the tail number of the Executive Convair 580. For those of us that live in the Twin Cities, N580N would've been a familiar sight on the apron of the Highway 494 Hanger. In fact, most of the photos of this Convair were taken there! I've added a few of those along with some rare interior shots. Enjoy!


Gerry Lauzon said...

I have the privilege of seeing N580N (now C-FTAP) approach Montreal airport on a regular basis over my house. She looks good in her Nolinor colors.

Gerry :)

Convair Kid said...

Gerry, Thanks for writing! I'm pleased to hear N580N is still going strong. I knew after it left MSP, it went to fly with Domino's Corporate and that it 'went to Canada.' Glad to finally hear where it's been! Thanks again...Peder

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to find another copy of CU and came across this website... what a wonderful surprise. My father, Charlie Cox (Hibbing, MN) was one of the original employees of NCA and can be found in a couple of pictures in the book and in stories in the book. He was quite a card, loved aviation and NCA, and would be thrilled to see the love of NCA, the planes and people continuing on this website.
What got me thinking about "the old days" was an article in the Hibbing Tribune yesterday detailing the overhauling of a taxiway (dad called them runways) which was called "C" or "Charlie". Now I know that is just the way these things are labelled, but I thought I'd just call it a little bit of long over-due recognition for a lifetime of love, work and devotion my dad had for North Central Airlines.
My mom said that when the author turned in his first proof, his editor told him to take it back snf rewrite it.. he was told, "this is the story of North Central Airlines, not Charlie Cox."

thanks for the memories,
Kathleen Cox Jokela
Hibbing, MN>

Anonymous said...

N580n became the transport for Domino's Lodge at Drummond island...parked at willow run in detroit. Not sure where it was sold to after.