Saturday, December 15, 2007

NCA DC-3 footage

We're going back to 1954 with this wonderful film clip taken at MDW in 1954...GREAT North Central DC-3 action along with Connies, DC-4's, DC-6's, DC-7's and a few Convairs! No sound on this clip but enjoy the wonderful sights! Thanks go out to BC12D who posted this on Youtube. (Just click the video twice to get it started).

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Anonymous said...

brought back many memories of when I worked the ramp at Mitchell Field in Milwaukee for NOR in 1954-56. remember the old "clear right" for pilots to start engines. and those COLD winter deicing adventures. only worked DC-3's. worked everything then: weight/balance forms, teletyping, IFR ATC radio, mail/baggage/freight, deice. met my future wife working there; she worked reservations/ticket counter.