Saturday, January 19, 2008

Annual Reports Part Eleven

1966...yet another BIG year for North Central Airlines. That being the order was placed for the first new DC-9's, the Convair fleet was about to begin conversion from 340/440 to 580 status and the company was looking forward to the groundbreaking and subsequent construction of the General Offices and Hangers at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. Along with all of this, the 'New Look' was about to be introduced (the aqua, blue and gold trim livery). Needless to say, anticipations were HIGH that year...:)


The Maire Family said...

Hi, I am the Vice Chairman of the National Museum of Commercial Aviation. I appreciate the comment on our blog. I was the Captain on the last revenue flight of the Convair 580 in 1988. I am the guy walking into the sunset on the Top Duck video in the end. If you come up with extra items for our museum we would love to have them. I would also love any photos you may have.
Chuck Maire

Convair Kid said...

Thanks for leaving a message! Glad to hear you've connections with Herman and the Convair. :)I'll get ahold of you at your blog...P