Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hello all, I've contemplated something for some time now and wanted to just 'throw it out there' and see what transpires.
I'd like to begin 'interviewing' former North Central Airlines and Republic Airlines employees for stories to add to this blog, along with the possibility of a BOOK in the future. The stories I've heard over the years from employees, and even passengers, are priceless. Take it from me, I've a few myself! I'm in the process of compiling a list of different questions along with some recording devices in order for this to run smoothly. Of note too, if you'd like to participate, but wish to remain anonymous, that's just fine! The goal is to compile as much as possible. Be you a Passenger Service Agent, a Pilot, a Flight Attendant, a Crew Scheduler, a Mechanic or any other position, I WELCOME YOU ALL! Your stories can be serious, funny, amazing, strange, what have you. Please just contact me directly at my email address listed here or in my profile listed to the right of this posting and we'll go from there! Thank you for your continued support of OUR blog! :) Peder

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