Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gary & Edna Gross

I'm pleased to share with everyone our first North Central Airlines retirees post, Gary and Edna Gross.
As some may be able to notice from the photos attached, Gary and Edna met in MKE in 1954. Gary 'worked the ramp' at the old terminal on the North side of Mitchell Field and Edna was an agent at the ticket counter. She soonafter moved into the downtown ticket office which was partnered with Delta and Continental Airlines. Gary left North Central in 1956 to go back to college and Edna stayed with the company until 1962, when their son Jeff was born. Though they had short careers with North Central, both Gary and Edna retain fond memories, especially in the fact that 'everyone was so young and it was definitely a fun place to work.' Apparently, the company also threw great parties as is evident in one of the photos shown! In asking if there were any downfalls to working at North Central, Gary stated one simple fact; 'that ramp was COLD in the long winters!' :)
Both Gary and Edna are enjoying their retirement today. On a sidenote, their son, Jeff, is a Captain with US Airways and met his wife where she was a Flight Attendant. Similar paths...airlines in the blood!
Thank you again to the Gross's for their input and sharing with all of us their experiences with a great airline...

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