Saturday, February 16, 2008

Terry Love

I'm happy to introduce Terry Love in our fourth posting of North Central employees histories and stories.
I had the pleasure of meeting Terry face to face last summer at the Kansas City Airliner's International Show after a long emailing spree regarding North Central and his subsequent book writings. Terry's written a wonderful article/booklet regarding the North Central Airlines Fleet (some examples above as photocopies) that I was happy to find a copy of. He's also written numerous articles for various aviation publications as well as many books, including his 14th that will be out in the Spring of 2008! (I'll try and get a title for you soon!) Terry has also contributed to, a wonderful North Central Airlines History website.
Terry began his career with North Central in 1971 in DTW. As Terry states, 'I did various things with NC/RC/NW, inculding reservations sales, supervisor of reservations, cargo, VIPs and a few other things also for short periods.' He remained in DTW until 1977 with a move to MSP, where he would retire in 2005 after 34 years with the airlines.

'I remember mostly the great quality of people that I worked with at North Central. Bud Sweet would come around and talk with you, ask you how it was going, and he WOULD know who you were, by name!'

He continues, 'Republic was a different animal. Still it was a good airline, and most of the people were great to work with, but the merger created excess managers, and it seems that they picked the second or third best. Some of my bosses were really bad and most didn't last long at that. Leadership was not as good as it was under North Central. Stephen Wolf, well, anyway.......some managers created really bad attitudes of employees, and it showed. '

In asking Terry how he would rate his career with North Central, on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being excellent, he gives a resounding 'a strong 10!' He would rate Republic though as a '6.'

I wonder what the rating would be for NWA!?

As part of the 'intereviewing' process, I asked Terry if he'd any stories to share with everyone. 'There are so many stories! Especially with questions the reservation agents would receive such as 'does first class get there before coach, or I do not want to sit next to a window as the wind might mess up my hair', etc. One of my favorites is about GRR (Grand Rapids). One Spring, it rained very hard for a couple of days, back in the mid 1970s. The next day arrived clear and beautiful, but the passengers could not understand why we had to cancel all of our flights. WHY? Because all of the worms had come out of the ground and onto the runway, and braking of an aircraft was non-existant-just like a sheet of ice-only worse! BRAKING NIL was the report submitted.'

Terry and his wife, Carol, have retired to the Kansas City area now in their retirement. Why KC you may ask? Terry tells it as, 'well, you still get the four seasons, but not quite as severe! You get your big city ammenities. I had no desire to live in Florida with all the alligators and hurricanes and have no desire to live in the desert. I wanted to stay in the mid-west. NWA has over a dozen flights per day from MCI to the hubs (MSP, DTW, MEM), but the BIG reason is that housing is about 1/3 less here than in MSP. We do a great deal of volunteer work (church, animal shelter, etc.) I am still writing books as well. We are quite active and enjoying life. I do not know how I had the time to work with all of the "stuff" that I do.'

Thank you Mr. Terry Love for sharing your stories and history with us!

Please keep in mind, I can not continue to post these great personal accounts unless YOU, the viewers, contribute your own stories/histories. Your feedback has been wonderful though, thank you! Contact me if you've not yet received a short questionaire as a North Central/Republic Employee. I look forward to hearing from you...Peder

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