Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Charles 'Charlie' Allen

I'm pleased to add Charles Allen to our employees histories and stories segment today. Charles 'answered the call' from the blogs posting in the recent edition of Clear & Sixty (thank you again Barb Ike!) Clear & Sixty is a wonderful, Seasonal publication written by, and for, Republic Airlines' retired pilots, other employees, associates and families. A great little booklet of stories and information. Please contact me if you're interested in subscribing (even if you're not a former employee like myself!)

The 'interview' process is quite simple and short, with a series of 10 questions. I'll add these at the beginning of each response from Mr. Allen...

1) Your Name: Charlie Allen
2) Your Base/Domicile: MTW/GRR/MKG/PHL
3) Your Title/Position/Duties: Agent/SR, Agent/Manager, Agent
4) Date/Year you started with NCA/RCA: February 24, 1954
5) Retirement date: December 31, 1988
6) What is/are your fondest memories of NCA/RCA: It was a job I enjoyed. It was not boring, like a factory job, every day was new, no two days alike.
7) What is/are your worst memories of NCA/RCA: Nothing with the company but being called out at 11PM when some sicko would call in a bomb threat!
8) On a scale from 1-10, 10 being 'excellent,' how would you rate your career with NCA/RCA: 10 all the way...until we bumped into NWA.
9) What are you 'doing now' in retirement: Right now, nothing, but I did work for nine years for a super market.
10) Share stories here...any/all/long/short: (N/A)
11) Please share a photo of yourself from your airline days and/or retirement years: scan attached.

As you can see, these are pretty easy! PLEASE do consider adding/sharing your own histories and stories to the blog, as Charles has, and the others before him. We'd LOVE to hear them!

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