Monday, May 19, 2008

Updates, revisions and corrections

Hello all! I received an email from one of our readers, a former NCA employee, Louis Griedl. Louis had more insights, and some corrections, in regard to 'The Deerslayer' posting of last month that I wanted to share with everyone.

Per Louie's email: "Captain Cuzzort and his crew originated Flight 230/29, June 1972 in GRB with stops in OSH-MKE-ORD. When Flight 230 terminated in ORD, they ferried the aircraft to GRB to originate Flight 292, which was delayed in the Upper Peninsula. Flight 292 left GRB as scheduled with the aircraft ferried from ORD.

Flight 292 called IR (in range) and we acknowledged the call. That was the last we heard from Flight 292. We did however receive a call from the Sheriff's Department.

Air Wisconsin Twin Otter had left MTW, VFR bound for ATW. The mid-air collision happened about 9-10 miles North of OSH.

We received permission from the Banta Paper Company of Neenah to use their Boathouse for the recovery. NCA had a 'Go Team' and they arrived in OSH from MSP within a couple of hours to assist.

The so called 'Black Box' was found and I personally have it to the crew of Flight 454 to ORD. The Black Box is not black but a bright Orange for identification.

The wreckage of the Convair was put on a barge and afterwords, was buried at a location unknown to me. I will NOT go into any detail of the recovery operation. (On a side note, I don't blame you-Peder).

Two of our agents, Korby Ulrich and Lee Miller did a 'great job' in assisting with the recovery. Later, I attended the Court proceedings at ATW.'

On another note, I would like to say HELLO to all retired NCA employees! The way the airline industry is today, I am proud to say "WE HAD THE BEST."

Louie Griedl-Scottsdale, AZ

THANK YOU Louie for your assistance and knowledge with this posting. I'm always pleased to hear from our readers and former employees about any and all related to North Central. A few years ago, I wrote to the NTSB, and received, many of the NTSB/CAB Reports regarding incidents/accidents involving NCA. I've attached a few of those pages to this posting today. Simply click on the photos to enlarge for better reading/viewing...

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