Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Post Dallas Show

Hello all! I'm happy to be home from HOT Texas!! Nonetheless, it was a good show to attend and I was able to find a few more goodies to share with everyone as a result. I've scanned a few photos/postcards for this posting and will add more in the next day or two. Any questions about locations/photos/people, just ask! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I'm curious of the location of the second and third pictures. p.s. would be nice if you labeled locations, people, etc. right in your posting, just a suggestion, thanks.

Convair Kid said...

Thanks for your comments! To answer your questions, the 2nd and 3rd scans are postcards, the terminal shot being at Green Bay, WI and the Convair shot is from Duluth, MN.
The first is a DC-3 postcard taken at Stevens Point, WI. The fourth is a photo taken at Duluth, MN. with President Higgins and the Mayor of Duluth. Finally, the last photo is of the main hangar in Minneapolis. THANKS AGAIN!