Thursday, September 18, 2008

Northliner Newsletter Post Twenty Seven

December of 1967...enjoy!

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Tim said...

It's great to see these images hearlding North Central's arrival in Kansas City, my hometown. Sadly, my North Central flights never originated from KC. As a kid, we were never headed to Sioux City and parts beyond. My route was Chicago to South Bend, Indiana (ORD-SBN) and with an interline connection to or from MKC or MCI.

I will add that the caption with the image of KC's old Municipal Airport, "Good Location" is a well, yes and no. It was great that it was a stone's throw from downtown across the Missouri River. However, with the one main runway pointed in the direction of the river, a pilot had better have good braking or you ran out of real estate into the river.

MCI or KCI as the locals call it, was a great replacement as an airport. And I remember for many years, even after Republic was sold out to Northwest, the blue and aqua carpeting stayed at the NW gates at KCI. It always felt good to see the carpet was still there.