Tuesday, November 18, 2008

'Airlines for the Rest of Us'

Hello everyone! I received an email from a viewer recently regarding a new book that's been published about local service airlines, their rise and subsequent falls/demises. I've just ordered my own copy from Amazon! Here's the Press Release:

New Book Tells Complete Story of America’s Local Service Airlines

ou remember their names as if it were yesterday: Allegheny, Bonanza, Central, Frontier, Lake Central, Mohawk, North Central, Ozark, Pacific, Piedmont, Pioneer, Southern, Trans-Texas, and West Coast – all Local Service Airlines. You may have worked for one, or you may know someone who worked for one, or you are just, like the author of AIRLINES FOR THE REST OF US, someone fascinated by the Locals and what they represented:
a time when boarding an airliner was an adventure, not a tedious chore;
a time when airline personnel thought of each other as family;
a time when airlines vied to provide the best service – not the lowest fares;
a time when a federal agency cooperated with and nurtured the airlines;
and a time when even small communities had reliable guaranteed airline service.
That time may be gone, but it must never be forgotten! Thankfully the newly-published AIRLINES FOR THE REST OF US will help preserve the history of that era forever.
It tells the complete story of the Local Service Airlines: the reasoning behind the C.A.B.’s 1944 decision to create a new class of airline; the origins of each Local, the struggles to survive those early years; the equipment upgrades, from DC-3s all the way up to DC-9s and 737s; the route expansions; the innovative fare promotions; the growth of subsidiaries like Allegheny Commuter; and the reasons why each Local disappeared. There is even a chapter dedicated to the quality of small-community service today.

And there are special features: a chapter of airliner photos and another of anecdotes about each of the Locals, like the story of the Frontier DC-3 that clipped a mountain and kept on flying or the story of Southern’s escaped alligator at Chicago. One appendix lists all of the places where you can still see a restored Local Service airliner and another appendix lists all of the Websites dedicated to Local Service Airlines. There’s also a complete bibliography and an index.

To purchase, go to www.iUniverse.com, www.amazon.com, or www.bn.com and type Airlines For the Rest of Us into the search box. At just $15.95 it’s a must-have piece of American aviation history that is certainly affordable.

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