Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Pilgrimage PART ONE

Hello everyone! As with a few of you that read this blog, the 'pilgrimage' to Clintonville, Wisconsin, as well as Madison, Wisconsin, seems to be at the top of the list for North Central historians, and fanatics! To visually see and be in the places where North Central was 'born' and thrived is quite a treat.

One such 'pilgrim' is our friend, Gari Kohlhof, whom I had the pleasure to finally meet at our recent MSP Airliner's Collectors Show. Gari and I had been in contact for a while now so it was good to put a face with a name! Alas, after the show, he made the trips to Madison and Clintonville and is sharing pictures of the adventure with us! Seeing this is a two part series posting, I'll include the photos from Madison first.

Of particular interest is the wonderful 1/50 Scale metal North Central DC-9 model that is currently in the FBO at MSN. Such a rare model to begin with! Note the photos on the wall of the FBO in the background of the photos as well. MANY North Central memories and treasures to be seen. Also included is the old Maintenance Hangar, which one can recognize from photos in 'Ceiling Unlimited,' even with it's changes/improvements. Enjoy!

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Tim said...


I hope I get to meet Gari someday. We all need to make the trek to the sacred North Central sites one of these days. Behold the sacred relics in the Madison FBO! Great to see thanks!