Saturday, January 3, 2009

Calling all Herman Fans...!!

Happy New Year everyone! Along with the many employee stories and histories I've covered over the past year, I'd like to begin another series as well; FANS. That being people who've grown up with North Central, flown them, had a relative work for them, noticed Herman at airports near and far, YOU NAME IT. I'd love to hear any and all stories from you! (Yes, this includes all of my crazy Herman friends...and you know who you are). Keeping in mind, Republic Airlines stories/memories are also welcome! So, with that in mind, WRITE ME! I, and the blog, would love to hear from you...:) Please just title your email as 'NCA Fan' or 'Fan.' THANK YOU

1 comment:

Rambo said...

Man...what a walk down memory lane! As a North Central, Republic and Northwest frequent flyer since 1967, I really appreciate seeing this stuff...please keep it coming!!! Viva Herman!!!