Sunday, May 17, 2009

More ORD photos

Here are a few more photos found at the recent ORD Airliner's Show. DC-3's this time, in various paint schemes. Enjoy!


neal said...

Just a little more information on these great DC-3's, which I believe to be correct.
N17318 is now in Belleville, MI. No longer flying.
N17320 is now in Miami, FL. No longer flying.
N2401 no longer exists. Sadly destroyed sometime around 1996. Last known location was West Palm Beach, FL.
N33633 is no longer registered. Fate not known.
These aircraft all had long careers, which is a testimony to Douglas, as well as the airlines that flew them for years.

Thunderbird said...

This is a great site. My Brother and I love to see old footage of the NCA hanger and surrounding area from the early 70's. Every time we would travel to MSP as children, we would spend hours at the Post Rd. observation area just watching all of the planes take off and land. I watched the movie "Airport" last evening just to get a look at how things used to be at ol'MSP. Lots of Herman sightings in that movie. Is there anyone around who knows where I could get my hands on some old 1970's MSP picks or video/film? I so want to re-live the days when there was still some romance in flying. I'm sure you all know how I feel.

Convair Kid said...

Hello Thunderbird, YES, there are MANY MSP photos and films available for you to see. I maintain an account on YouTube as well that I've added many films from the NCA/RCA years for everyone to view. The address is:
Contact me should you be looking for photos as well...thanks! Peder