Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Photos

Hello all! Just adding more photos from the ORD Show today, including a shot of the crowds gathered at the show. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

In the center photo, it looks like the DC-9 taxiing out (sorry, can't make out a tail number) has a polished aluminum upper fuselage. Did some of the NC DC-9s not have the white upper fuselage?

Convair Kid said...

Hello Anonymous, Thanks for your observation. The photo is of
N961N, an experimental paint scheme just prior to the merger over to Republic. Photo was taken in May, 1979. The a/c was polished aluminum. After the merger though, the fleet was coverted to the 'white top' scheme, along with the aqua/blue striped paint scheme, so this scheme shown was the only a/c painted in such a scheme. Thanks for your question!

Daveduck said...

Thanks for scanning photos large enough so that we can really see some details. So many aviation shots on the web are too small.