Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dr. Charles Quarles Part Five

Hello everyone! Today's posting is quite a treat; rare North Central and Wisconsin Central Airlines' photographs! I discovered these gems in Dr. Quarles' collection and he was happy to copy them for me to share with all.

Two of the photos were taken inside of a DC-3, most likely as promotional material for the new 'Stewardesses.' Another photo is from the interior of a Convair 340 or 440, with a full meal being served. Check out the food! Finally, a promotional photo of two 'Stews' for Wisconsin Central, that, as we know, didn't occur until after the name change to North Central in 1952. Check out their 'Hermanized' uniforms!

Enjoy and thank you again to Dr. Quarles for providing these for us. :)

Simply click on each photo to enlarge for better viewing.

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neal said...

QUICK! I need a time machine fast! I want to go back to that era right away and book a seat on tonight's North Central flight from Chicago to Duluth. My Gosh! A big, BIG tossed salad, roll, and....PRIME RIB !!! All topped off with a huge hunk of chocolate cake. Plus, some comp smokes for after dinner with my creme de menthe. Oh yes, please...carry me back. Maybe, just maybe, if I think reeaal hard, and make a wish...........POOF!

"Hello, North Central? This is Neal in Milwaukee. Any seats available on tonights flight from Chicago to Duluth? You do?!......