Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dr. Charles Quarles Part Two

For those of us out there that are collectors of airline and aviation material, a trip through the collection of Dr. Charles Quarles is a virtual dreamland. Even those that aren't would be quite impressed! Impressed in it's content, variation and scale. Not only is the collection a testament to years past but a true vision into the days of aviation and airlines long gone...along with it's glamour and service!

I was formally introduced to Dr. Quarles at the Spring 2009 ORD Show where we struck up a conversation (I'd heard his name before!) about North Central Airlines and Herman. Through that initial meeting, I was invited to see his amazing collection in North Carolina. With that, I, along with a good friend, spent a weekend with Dr. Quarles viewing, photographing and enjoying the collection which spans the entire width of Charles' climate controlled basement. One can't help but smile and giggle as you descend into the basement where you're greeted with photos, models, brochures and mannequins in 'Stew' uniforms. And that's just the stairs down!

Over the course of September, I'll add more and more postings featuring the collection, including shots of North Central Airlines' items. ENJOY!

Dr. Charles Quarles has been featured in "Collectables Illustrated" magazine, "AIRWAYS" magazine and was videographed by Susan Spencer of CBS News '48 Hours' and CNN. You can also visit his website for more views of the collection at:

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