Sunday, February 21, 2010

New photos

Hello everyone! Today's posting is to showcase some wonderful, and rare photos of NCA DC-3's, provided by Dave DeBace. The resolutions are quite high on these photos so we're only able to post a couple at a time. Enjoy!!

Aircraft shown is N2400


Skip said...

Neat DC-3 Pic's. As a Country Boy Station Agent watched many such landings/takeoff. Some So. Dakota wind gusts would cause some interesting 'wing waving'. Seems, I heard of a DC- landing, maybe in ABR oer ATY, that bounced off a passing trailer truck. Can anyone shed more light on this one?

Norherman said...

GFK 1957 Fuel truck. belly landing in MSP. No one hurt. Happen on T/O.

norherman said...

These photos were taken at MDW in the 50's Note the paint the red feather scheme. Many more shots to come.