Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mystery Photo

Good morning everyone! Today I'm posting a small photo, found on EBay recently, that appears to have been taken in MSP (Noting the NCA Baggage Cart and NWA Air Stairs in the background). Unfortunately, I've no idea who the gentleman may be, or a date/time period. Alas, an interesting photo anyway, so enjoy!


Neal said...

Mystery solved! Well, at least part of it. The location is right in front of the old "east side" terminal at Madison Wisconsin. During the 50's and 60's, I spent many an hour on the roof top observation deck. The other part of the mystery, ..... as to the identity of the gentleman in the picture? Some other airline "Sherlock" will have to answer. Neal -- MKE

Skip said...

Any idea date this was taken?

Neal said...

My best guess as to when the Mystery photo was taken would be mid to late 50's, based on a few photo hints between the Mystery photo and the Northwest DC-6 picture. Surely not yet the 60's. Northwest had eliminated piston service to Madison by then, when they brought in the great Lockheed Electra.