Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The North Central/Republic Question

Good morning everyone! I'm posing a question to all blog viewers today in asking for your input and desires.
That question being, should we also 'allow' photos and stories of REPUBLIC AIRLINES as well on this blog dedicated to North Central Airlines? That being there are so many additional items I could add to this blog that are specific to Republic, along with continuing North Central specific postings as well.
ALL of your thoughts are welcomed and encouraged! :)


WacoJoe said...

Personally I always thought Republic was the "beginning of the end" for North Central, so I've always had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for Republic. But what the heck, I'm sure there are lots of great pictures and stories out there so I don't really have a problem with seeing some of that stuff.

Be aware that the holding company that owns Midwest and Frontier is now using the "Republic" name (which they apparently purchased from Northwest/Delta). The talk is that the Midwest and Frontier names will go away and they'll use Republic. Not sure if that would mean a return of Herman or not.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! Please add Republic to the mix. Even though Steven Wolf runied Herman, I would love to have the Republic odds and ends added to the site.


Neal said...

Think about the name of the blog for a moment. "North Central Memories".

When I do, I think about things like DC-3's, Convair pistons, Convair Prop-Jets, even a DC-9. I think about cities like Clintonville, Hibbing, Mankato, Ironwood and Kalamazoo. Little towns brought together by a web of airline structure known as the North Central Airlines Route System. Years of hard work, innovation and persistence, yielding an awesome, viable airline for which we all could be proud.

Thinking back now, as a watcher of and traveler on North Central for many years, I can remember my first flight on Republic. It was from MSP to DTW. I felt sad about the change. Not the same airline at all, at least in my opinion. I had lost something I had grown up with. I had lost an old friend. I missed it then. I miss it now. The history and stories here lie with North Central. Not Republic.

Skip said...

Mu favor of NC was born with 10 years in such stations as CLI, YKN, INR, ATY, MKG plus others, followed by 10+ years in the GO.

Next came 5 GO years with RC. Soon after RC came new management heavily burdened by SO, RW and new hires.

With the deparure of Mr. Carr and Bud Sweet, the 'newbies" soon produced a new airline and a NW tidbit.

Many NC stories remain untold, hopefully they will appear. Course I'd rather see RC vs NW/DL.

RC was not NC.