Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring ORD Show

Hello everyone, I HAD to add one more reminder for the ORD Airliner's Collectibles Show, coming up this weekend on Saturday May 1st, 9am-3pm. I'll be there, along with other 'Hermanphiles' and would LOVE to see/meet you as well. Our good friend Dave DeBace will also be in attendance! Alas, if you're able to make it, come up and say 'hi!' Thanks everyone...Peder


Ford Airport said...

Hi, I really appreciate the effort you put into your web site. Nice Job. Your website has the most information I have been able to find regarding the "Blue Goose".

I am inquiring if you happen to have any pictures of Republic Airlines or North Central Airlines that were take at the Ford Airport in Kingsford, MI. from the late 70's to early 80's.

My grandfather's job took him away from home every week and he would return at the end of every week. As a child I would wait for him religiously in the lobby.

It was an exciting time. Once a pilot walkig through the lobby gave me a set of wings and of course my grandfather always had a small gift for me from his travels...great memories of the airport and seeing the Blue Goose.

Please let me know if have such a photo in your archives.



Convair Kid said...

Hi there Dale, THANKS for writing in! I'm sure there must be some photos from Kingsford, but with most photos, they are not labeled as to where they were taken. I'd be really interested in seeing some though!
Really liked hearing your story about 'lobby waiting' and the pilot...sounds a lot like me and my experiences as well! Please contact me directly if you'd like to talk more...thanks again! P