Monday, May 31, 2010

New photos part thirtyfive

Good morning everyone! I'd been alerted to my last post, regarding N2045, #544, by Dave DeBace about that photo being quite rare. That being that the aircraft only flew for a short time as a 580 before being lost at ORD on December 27th, 1968. Thanks for the heads up Dave!!
Today's postings are of N2046 and N4634S. Please note, the pixelation on N4634S isn't something that can be corrected. Sorry...alas, DO enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

Great shots!!! I am going out on a limb by saying I think that the top shot is at MKE. Love me my MKE


Anonymous said...

Yes MKE. 515 N4634S was the a/c that was hit in MKE. By the small plane. Company rebuilt 515 with a new nose section. When sold it flew in canada fro many years. It is now flying in South America