Thursday, May 6, 2010

Recent finds

Hello everyone! Today I'm adding a couple of treasures found recently on EBay. One is a nice plaque, with a laminated Wisconsin Central L-10A photo attached to it. Well done piece, and a new photo of the L-10A I'd not seen!
Second is a mystery photo, of sorts. :) It shows a North Central Convair 340/440 along with a large crowd along with a series of Cadillacs in line with obviously someone important! On the back of the photo is 'Official MDMG Army Air Section Photograph,' along with the date of SEP 8 1965. Do any of our blog viewers have an idea of what event this could've been, location, etc??? I appreciate your input! Thank you...:)

Remember, simply click on the photos for larger viewing...


RetroFutureTim said...

Could Vice President Humphrey been visiting back home in Minnesota?

Anonymous said...

We think its CWA, they were building the new airport then. A very big deal back then dor Wisconsin.