Monday, July 5, 2010

Recent finds...

Good morning! After many months of dragging my feet, I've finally taken photos of recent finds/acquisitions from EBay and airline collectible shows. Thanks to Arron in MKE for 'getting me moving' on these!
First is a travel poster from the 1960's (there's a series of 6 of these out there, very rare to find!), an AirJet North Central Convair 580 model (AirJet's been out of business for years now) and a specially made North Central DC-3 Cargo model, N28381, I had Keith Oberg at Airways Gifts create for me. Enjoy!

I'm also hoping to add a 'new' North Central reel film that was also found on EBay as soon as it's been converted from reel to disk. My thanks to Captain Keith and Dr. Tim for taking care of this for us and in providing these great treasures of the past for all of us to enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

That cargo DC-3 is a beauty!!!! Your right those posters are really hard to find, I think this is only the second I have seen, so there are four more yet to be seen by me. Can't wait to see that film hope its got some goodies on it.