Saturday, August 7, 2010

More finds

Good morning! I'm pleased to add a couple of rare and interesting photos, one provided to us by Dave DeBace, the other from my own searching. One is of a Wisconsin Central DC-3 at MDW...notice the other aircraft in the vicinity, including the Midway Airlines taildragger. The other is of the North Central Operations Office in Houghton, Michigan. Enjoy!!


neal said...

"Where Are They Now?"

A quick records search shows that the Wisconsin Central DC-3, N15598, is no longer registered, at least not with that "N" number.

A happier story with the Midway Airlines Cessna, however. The aircraft is a 1950 Cessna 195A, and it IS currently registered, with a valid Airworthiness Certificate. At present, it resides in a small town in Central Illinois, proably as a cherished early Cessna Classic.

Anonymous said...

N15598 c/n 2258 flew for a number of operators its was lost in a crash in 1978 at Rio Grande Beach P. R.