Thursday, November 4, 2010

More goodies to share

Hello all! I'm adding a few photos of '728' from the recent show, along with a wonderful find, given by our friend Captain Keith; an UBER rare route map from the very early days of North Central! Can any of our blog viewers figure out a date/time period?? My GUESS would be very early 1950's. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey Peder;

Looking at the few old NC timetables that I have and comparing the route maps to your route map, I can tell you it was after 1957 but before 1962, because the routemap from 1962 looks exactly the same except NC was serving Regina at that time, which is not shown on your map. Sorry I did not find an exact date.


Skip said...

Would say it was Dec 1960. T'was then NC got Capital Routes in lower Michigan, MKG, TVC, PLN, MBS etc. Also awarded DTW(YIP)- CLE and DLH-Port Arthur & MOT-Regina. That map does not show the IWD-CMX link, a leg of a DC-3 MSP-DLH-IWD-CMX-MQT-INR(SSM)flight. A long cold winter time flight, I rode a few times with Steward Brown & Stewardess Kenna) which continued beyond 1960.
Speaking of cold! Jack Brown & I yet argue about a sub-zero breezy January 1960 morning in INR.
It was he (yep!), who left the DC-3 elevator control lock on F693 a 630AM departure bound via intermediate stops to MSP some 5hr's later.
Would you believe the aviators returned to the ramp for correction. We showed an on-time departure!

Anonymous said...

I would say skip you are right on. These routes were a big deal to the company. I will check my old NORTHLINER FOR A DATE. 1960 -61 I'm sure is correct.

Anonymous said...

Per the Nov.-Dec. issue of the NORTHLINER twenty new cities joined the system Dec. 1. We had eight Convair and 32 Dc 3's in the fleet then.