Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, I want to express my thanks for your continued support of this blog and to enjoy your holidays! More postings will occur after the new year. :) Peder

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sad...just sad

Hello everyone, I'm adding this posting today to make aware the fact that this blog was intended to share the wonderful history, stories and memories of a great airline, North Central Airlines. Be it many photos, and I mean many, have been shared on this blog, with permission/accolades to the owners of said photos, I find it sad and pretty demeaning to see copies of these photos FOR SALE on Ebay. Yes, I understand that people wish to see/acquire these photos for their own, personal collections, and I've not an issue with that. I think we all do that at some point in time. However, when I see photos that have been graciously shared with this blog, or other airline blogs/websites, FOR SALE on venues such as Ebay, it undermines the purpose of this blog and screams for awareness.

Be that said, I wonder if whomever is selling these photos on Ebay and the like really wishes to continue...??? I've a feeling I'm not the only one that feels this. Thank you for your attention to this issue...P

Friday, December 3, 2010

Interesting finds in San Juan...

Hello all! I'm back from vacation and wanted to share a couple of photos showing a 'gaggle' of DC-3's at SJU (San Juan, Puerto Rico). Though not a surprise for me to see old propliners in The Caribbean, it was great to see so many! Along with these DC-3's were a few Beech 18's and even a Convair 440, which I wasn't able to get a photo of due to a jetbridge in the way!
Alas, enjoy...more postings of North Central coming soon. :)