Thursday, March 17, 2011

'Fun to reminisce...' Part Two

Hello again! I'm pleased to add another posting to the blog this evening, and that being 'Part Two' in Ted's story. I had hinted in Part One about his interesting hobby and we'll get to that now!
Ted, in his spare time, is an inventor. In that end, he's added modifications to motor scooters, along with creating an amphibious motorcycle! Alas, he's also created a 'windmill' of sorts that I believe all will like to look at; A North Central Convair 580, which has been hand made with wood, hand painted, and has counter rotating props. As a result of seeing this great little invention, I've personally ordered a couple for myself from Ted. I liked the idea and the fact that Ted hand creates each airplane himself! Ted will even add a specific 'N' number if one so desires.

In that end, I wanted to get the word out to our blog viewers of these great little items. Well, I shouldn't say TOO little as the wingspan of each Convair is 22 inches. If anyone is interested in contacting Ted about placing an order for one, or more, please contact me directly and I'll put you in touch with him. Talking with Ted further, each Convair would be $40 plus $12 shipping. Again, these are hand made and take a little time to create!

Thanks for all who continue to support the blog and the memories of North Central Airlines!

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