Saturday, July 30, 2011

DC-9 Cockpit Restoration Project

Hello everyone, THANK YOU for sticking with me, and this blog, during the long hiatus in postings. I'm still working out information, 'blessings' and approval of future postings. Alas, I've received some new information today I wanted to pass along to our viewers...

I received an email along with a website link today regarding the restoration of a former North Central DC-9 cockpit. Aircraft N962N, '912', began life with North Central Airlines in May 1969 and was finally retired to Arizona in 2005. The aircraft was broken up in 2008 and hence, this project began. This looks like a great and fun venture in restoration!

Perry Van Veen is heading up the venture and is looking for interested parties in the project (not limited) to include stories of the aircraft, actual restoration work, parts, you name it! Here is the projects website and I hope you'll all take a look...many photos, history of the aircraft, etc. ENJOY!!!


Skip said...

FYI, It is my understanding that the last NC/RC DC-9 is being removed from the Delta Fleet - specific date unknown to me.

A current Delta employee has indicated existance (very weak) talk about making one side of the a/c in NC or RC colors for retirment purpose.

Perhaps if the right people have intrest in such, perhaps those right people can make it happen.

Convair Kid said...

We can only dream Skip...

Anonymous said...

Oh how neat that would be!!!! I would pay money to see that.


PhantomSims said...

Hello, If you would like to show of your DC-9, you may find this interesting.

Cockpit-Fest USA 2012

The Kansas Aviation Museum in association with the Newark Air Museum is hosting the first ever Cockpit-Fest USA this September 29th/30th in Wichita, Kansas, the Air Capitol of the world.

All private individuals and museums are invited to bring your cockpits and simulators for outdoor display during this 2 day event that coincides with the McConnell AFB air show featuring the USAF Thunderbirds. An indoor exhibit area will also be provided for instrument panel displays. Aircraft simulators will be available to the public for flight.

* Free exhibitor registration
* Private Friday night Cockpit-Fest USA exhibitor party with tour of museum aircraft
* Exhibitor prizes
* Exhibitors allowed to charge the public to sit in their cockpit
* Hosted at the Kansas Aviation Museum situated adjacent to McConnell AFB
* Located next to Spirit AeroSystems where all 737 fuselages and Dreamliner cockpits are manufactured
* Watch the air show aerial performances

Photos of the previous Newark Air Museum Cockpit-Fests are here;

The cockpits attending include a 737-200 cockpit, AH-1 Cobra simulator, DC-8 simulator, F-4 Phantom simulators, B-52 Stratofortress cockpit, F-16 Fighting Falcon simulator, F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit, F-8 Crusader cockpit, F-5 Freedom Fighter Cockpit, F-84F Thunderstreak Cockpit, F-111 Cockpit, F-15A Eagle cockpit, and more.

Visit for museum info.

Email to register.

The official Cockpit-Fest forum is at

The Kansas Aviation Museum
3350 South George Washington Blvd., Wichita, KS 67210

Jindřich Machalinek said...

Hi guys. FYI, some parts of the 9912 aircraft's flightdeck (all three instrument panels) are safe and they are used in the DC-9 simulator project merged with ex-Northwest #9935 (N1332U) cockpit shell in Czech Republic, Europe. If interested, check
The istruments of the 9912 are alive again, as you can see in the videos section.