Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Collector friends...

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share how wonderful it is to have like minded friends in the collector World. This point is made in the recent visit of my friend, and fellow North Central collector, Steve from MKT (Mankato, MN).
Having lunch with Steve, we chatted it up about what's happening in collecting, Ebay, collector shows and the general histories of airlines and aircraft. Always good to 'chew the fat' about these subjects!
I was also able to have Steve over to the house to view some of my personal collection and share any extra things I had with him. See, to me, collecting is not about hoarding, nor about the 'it's all mine' mentality. To me, it's a way to share with others who have the same interests and passions that I do. I've met other collectors of the same frame of mind, and I've met the other side as well. I guess, to each their own, but for me, I'm content with my choice...:)

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Anonymous said...

Amen brother!!!!