Friday, December 30, 2011

Another year comes to an end...

Hello everyone...firstly, I'd like to thank our blog viewers and contributors very much! Remember, without you, there really wouldn't be a blog!! Secondly, I assure everyone that posts ARE coming. Alas, as stated in an earlier posting, I'm awaiting approval/authorization from recent contributors to allow their stories to be added, along with photos, before I can proceed. Unfortunately, this has been a long process and it would be my hope, with the new year, these postings can go forward.
Also, I'll be instituting a new 'copyrighting' system for photos that are added to the blog. As I've said before, we're still experiencing 'theft' of our photos from the blog, copied and placed on Ebay for someones own personal, monetary gain. Tacky...I'll say again, tacky move on this individuals part. Hence, this new system will allow for secure photo posting on the blog to discontinue the unauthorized use of OUR photos. (Much like the system that Scott at uses).
Also, I encourage all our viewers to take a look at the links provided on the right hand side of the front page. These 'friends of the blog' are in business for themselves, provide wonderful products and are NOT a part of the blog, nor give us any monetary support as a result of their links. I've done business with all three listed, myself, and have always been pleased with their products, services and friendship. :)
Now, most importantly, everyone, please have a wonderful New Year and be sure to check back from time to time for updates...and, as always, PLEASE write in if you have something to share, say or perhaps have a question about. I'm here to help!!
Peder, aka, Convairkid

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eventually....there'll be more

Hello everyone, I want to thank you for your patience in this 2 month period since I last posted. Updates are STILL in the works. Like I mentioned before, I'm awaiting 'approval' for certain posts to be granted, along with permission to use photos. It's a long process and I appreciate everyone hanging in there with me!

Along the lines of photos, I see that the use of our photos from this blog are still being added to Ebay for sale by a certain individual. It still amazes me how tacky this move is on this individuals part. Go ahead and see for yourselves on a search in Ebay under 'North Central' and even 'Wisconsin Central.' Alas, any further additions of photos to this blog will be tagged with copyright notices to stop this person from continuing to profit from our own photos and the hard work in obtaining them and sharing them with the blog readers. In that end, I believe I'll finally feel confident that the practice of this individual will cease...and we can move on. Thank you again!!