Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eventually....there'll be more

Hello everyone, I want to thank you for your patience in this 2 month period since I last posted. Updates are STILL in the works. Like I mentioned before, I'm awaiting 'approval' for certain posts to be granted, along with permission to use photos. It's a long process and I appreciate everyone hanging in there with me!

Along the lines of photos, I see that the use of our photos from this blog are still being added to Ebay for sale by a certain individual. It still amazes me how tacky this move is on this individuals part. Go ahead and see for yourselves on a search in Ebay under 'North Central' and even 'Wisconsin Central.' Alas, any further additions of photos to this blog will be tagged with copyright notices to stop this person from continuing to profit from our own photos and the hard work in obtaining them and sharing them with the blog readers. In that end, I believe I'll finally feel confident that the practice of this individual will cease...and we can move on. Thank you again!!

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Anonymous said...

Sad, very sad. I saw some of the pictures you had posted that are now for sale on eBay. Some people just don't care.