Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hmmmm, who IS this guy...?

After a lot of thought about just what should be the first 'official' post of the Blog, I decided to let you know just WHO it is behind the typed words you're, let's see how long this will become!
First of all, as most of you know, my name is Peder and I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Land of North Central! I was lucky enough to be awarded a liberal childhood in that the only worry was to contemplate the next days activities before bedtime. Much was the way of my introduction to North Central and my beloved Convair 580.
While I was a preschooler and kindergartener in the early 70's, my family and I lived in Brookings, South Dakota, which happened to be a destination on NCA's route system. At this time, my father was working with the South Dakota Government and would travel at least once a week. He would leave in the morning and return in the evening, I thinking he was driving here and there. One evening, prior to my bedtime, my mother asked if I'd like to go and 'pick up Daddy at the airport.' Dressed in my pajamas, slippers and robe, we began the 5 minute drive to the BKX airport. As we arrived, right around dusk, my mother said for me to 'go up to the fence there and wait.' I obliged and wondered why I was standing there! Out of nowhere, I heard a low pitched 'vrooooom' as a Convair came over the treeline at the end of the runway, land and taxi towards me. I was in heaven! I'd never seen such a 'huge' plane as this! The Convair got louder and louder as it approached that I covered my ears from the noise, only to look back at my mother in the car giggling and smiling. The smell of Kerosene fuel was new to me at the time and I haven't forgotten it to this day. As the engines shut down and the airstairs opened, I watched the small parade of passengers disembark to notice one man, with a familiar trenchcoat come down the stairs, wave at me and go into this small building, then come out the door nearest me; it was Dad! I'd no clue he had flown all this time for business, and I was thrilled at this new adventure I was on. As we returned home, Dad pulled out a small item from his pocket and handed it to me...a pair of NCA kiddie wings. I still have those to this day...
So began this long adventure I'm still on, some 34 years later, and am happy to be a part of. :) (More continued later)

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GP said...

I grew up in Watertown, SD and recall very vividly the old NCA and Republic after the merger. Road on them many times from ATY to MSP with my parents when I was young. Miss those days and the service North Central provided. Today no flights from ATY to MSP on a direct basis.
Thanks for the memories

Greg Pahl