Saturday, September 15, 2007

Post #1

Well, Hello and Welcome! I've contemplated a BLOG now for some time and have decided to take the plunge and go for it.

This BLOG is intended to 'spread the word' and preserve the memories of a long past airline called NORTH CENTRAL AIRLINES. We'll also get into WISCONSIN CENTRAL AIRLINES and REPUBLIC AIRLINES as well on this journey. Stories, firsthand accounts, photos, videos, statistics and general knowledge/trivia will be given, as well as welcome! Yes, that means YOU! Please feel welcome to contribute your memories, accounts and knowledge with us. The more, the better!

I'll also be adding a number of photos to the Blog and wish to extend my gratitude to those of you who have contributed and granted permission for use in that area. Also, where credit may not be given, I extend my thanks to those as well. If there is a problem with copyright issues or personal isses, please let me know and we'll resolve the issue. THANK YOU ! ! !


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I grew up outside of Wausau and in the old days the flights coming into AUW would fly above our house on their way into town. That started a love affair with airlines and airplanes that still lasts today. When we were little my mom and dad would bundle us in the car and drive to the airport to see the plane land and take off. We were easy to amuse then. My first airplane flight was on North Central to ORD, via GRB and onto 1st class on a TW 707. It was one of the best times of my life. I flew Republic into CWA many times and was sad when the red tailed giant bought them out. North Central holds a place in my heart that will never be supplanted by any other airline ( even though I non revved on them when I was a TW brat after I moved to CA).

Thanks for the memories!


Convair Kid said...

Hello Amulbunny, Thank you for sharing your memories! I know there are MANY people such as yourself with similar stories/experiences and thank you for letting me/us know aobut yours...take care and stop back again! PF

Anonymous said...

Great idea in creating this blog Peder. Your memories from Brookings and Mankato are similar to mine in Mpls and Bismarck. My dad traveled back and forth between the two in the 70's. In Mpls I remember meeting him on the then Red/now F concourse with the old ramps at the gate window that ran down a half flight to the jetway entrance. Watching the DC-9s with the black radar domed nose pull in was awesome! Then in Bismarck in the old terminal I remember getting off a DC-9 while a Convair was loading up for a flight to South Dakota. Pretty impressive for Bismarck to have two planes of the same airline in different stages of preparation! Thanks for creating the blog.
Just a quick addition on a Republic note: After moving to Bismarck, I took a fantastic trip one summer on Republic flying to Houston from Bismarck. We connected in Mpls, stopped in Kansas City and then DFW, before arriving at Houston Hobby. All on DC-9s with friendly crews. It was the routing a young kid dreams of. Too bad a Convair was fit in there somehow.

Anonymous said...

I meant to edit my last line on the Convair comment regarding it being too bad a Convair didn't fit in on my routing from Bismarck to Houston and must have hit "publish" instead. Anyhow, thanks again. I look forward to reading the blog.

Andy F

Convair Kid said...

Hi Andy F, thank you, too, for your memories and stories! Along with Herman tails around Bismarck, I'm sure you saw many a B-52 and other military a/c. I agree, for kids, multi-stop and plane changing would be the way to go! You experience more...take care and come back again! PF